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BE Rank

An objective ETF comparison platform built by industry experts

A decision support tool that does the research and comparison for you.
Compare hundreds of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.
Recommend the best ETFs to your clients - with confidence.

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Our Background

Developed by a team of experts in both Financial Products Issuance and Software Development, BE-Rank was built to empower financial advisors with real-time, in-depth, due-diligence capabilities in picking financial products for their clients.

Since its launch in 2013, BE-Rank was fully adopted by major Israeli banks and financial institutions. As a result, financial advisors across the country are now able to make cost-wise investment decisions for their clients.

BE Financial Technology Ltd was founded by Bina Investments and Gil Spitzer, each with extensive financial industry background and passion for innovation.

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Our Platform

Helps financial advisors simplify financial products selection
by fully automating products’ data capture and analysis.

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UI Designed For Efficiency

Better Service To Your Clients

Robust, yet simple to use user interface enables Advisors perform quick analysis on potential investments. Thorough Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis for competing products (i.e. ETFs tracking the same benchmark). Efficient data presentation is achieved through customization and visualizations. Analysis complexity is laid out in a “drill down” fashion, allowing users to decide how deep they would like to explore their recommendations.

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Reports and Audit Trail

We Got Your Back

Data at the base of each product comparison performed on the platform is automatically saved for future reference. These reports may be made available for occasional inquiries by regulators and clients on specific product selections recommended by advisors.

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Settings & Configurations

Direct Control

Models and parameters for analyzing the financial products are fully customizable. An extensive Settings & Configurations section is available for users to make direct changes without requiring expensive development.

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